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Jakarta, The Special Capital District

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Jakarta Indonesia is an abbreviation of Jayakarta, a name given by Fatahillah (local figure that expelled Portuguese from Sunda kelapa trading port). It was a small village from Hindu kingdom, led by the king Purnawarman. It became the part of Pajajaran kingdom in west java since 1500 and used to be a small trading port called Sunda kelapa.

Jakarta as Indonesia’s capital city has become centre of social and cultural with many methods in the field of education, culture, sports and health. Jakarta is the main gate of Indonesia and Java Indonesia. The strategic location of it in Indonesian archipelago, provide the best service for land, air, and sea transportation.

Jakarta is a province that led by a governor. Unlike other provinces, Jakarta Indonesia only has municipality which mean that it doesn’t have its own representation. Jakarta owns province-level parliament, but doesn’t have legislative area. Based on the legislative election on 2009, the amount of the parliament member for Jakarta region was 94 people. Jakarta is divided into 5 cities and 1 special area: Seribu archipelago district, municipality of West Jakarta, Central Jakarta, North Jakarta, South Jakarta, and East Jakarta.

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Jakarta as the biggest city in Indonesia, with 10 millions of people, consists of various tribes and ethnics from all over Indonesia. The diversity added with the influence of foreign countries, has made the diversity of art and cultures. For sometime, this region has become the place of gathering of many people from different nations, tribes, cultures, customs, and languages. The blended of of tribes from all Indonesia with other nations such as Chinese, Arabian, Turkish, Persian, English and Dutch had caused marriage among them. This thing caused the assimilation of cultures, customs and life philosophy so it produced a new motif of cultures and norms.

Hence, since 19th century there was a prototype of Betawi ethnic. This thing reflected in the way and in the art of Betawi people where can be found the influence of Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese, and others.

Jakarta, that now has the predicate as the capital special region, has broad of 600 km2, and average height approximately 7m above sea level. In the south area, it has more fertile soil compared to area in the north. So people in this area has the main occupation as farmer, whether its rice, vegetables, or fruits. The standar time in Jakarta is GMT+7.

With the development of people that getting increased, the farming and the agricultures lands are getting limited. People made them as a new land for housing. It also changed the main occupation of local people into traders, workers, and labors. While for those who live in the north side, commonly live as fisherman.

The people of Betawi also getting pressed by the coming of newcomers and they moved to suburban area. their Betawi’s cultural characteristics remains dominant, for instance in the language using. The dialect they are using –Malayan Betawi dialect, is widely imitated and used by newcomers.


One of motors that move Jakarta java indonesia economic side is the trading and service sectors. The sectors not only contribute to Jakarta’s economic side, but also absorb a relatively huge amount of workers. Jakarta province also has a quite well farming. The farming products come from secondary crop, vegetables, orchids, and herbs. These products commonly come from the usage of non-active field and domestic yard.

the capital city of indonesiaThe development of industry in Jakarta Indonesia is very fast, whether its big industry, medium, small and household scale. These industries cover all type of industries, such as indonesian food, drink & tobacco, textile, garment & leather, wood, paper, printing & publishing, chemical, metal and non-metal industry, machine, household equipments and handicrafts. Beside that, industry of service, property, bank, insurance and telecommunication also wide develop.

jakarta indonesiaAs an investment destination, this province also has various means and supporting facility, such as industrial area at Cilandak commercial estate, Jakarta industrial estate Pulogadung in east Jakarta java indonesia, Soekarno-Hatta international airport in cengkareng, Halim perdana kusuma airport in Jakarta, Tanjung Priok port, and supported by electricity and telecommunication means.

Jakarta has developed incredibly stunning and will be in the top and responsible position in Asia on the next decades. Jakarta has unique position, as a capital city of Indonesia as well as capital of autonomy.

Jakarta Hotel and Tourism

java indonesiaAs an tourism destination, Jakarta offers many attractions and interesting tourism objects. From museum showing ancient collections, art presenting, local or international, to the complete and modern recreation park. The Seribu archipelago is also an interesting tourism destination.

Jakarta has so many accomodation support. You can find hundreds of Jakarta hotel around city. Pullman Jakarta Indonesia, Hotel Ciputra, Somerset Grand Citra Hotel Jakarta, and Aston at Kuningan Suites Hotel are only some of the best hotel in Jakarta. Click here to find other Jakarta hotel.

More than just things above, the people composition which come from various area around Indonesia with all their ethnic and culture value they brought with them, has made Jakarta like a ‘Cultural window’ of Indonesia. Jakarta has many attractive tourism objects and recreation that worth visited, such as Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (Indonesian park themes in mini form), Sunda kelapa port, museums, national monument, Ragunan zoo, Keong emas Imax theatre, Ancol dreamland park, Dunia fantasy (Fantasy world), and many more.

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