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Indonesia, especially in java and Sumatra, the forming process of volcano is a result of crust crash of Indian Ocean and crust of Asia continent. The java indonesia volcano or in the south part of Indonesia formed as an encounter or crash of Australian and Eurasian plates. The volcanoes in the north side of java, formed as a result of crash between Pacific and Eurasian plates.

This giant plate keeps moving all the time. Every crash or tow, affect to the volcanic activity along this plate’s line. Often, the tectonic earthquake that resulted from the moving of plates causes volcanic earthquake inside the earth.

It can be simply explained that the friction among high-heated stones, can trigger the escalating of liquid energy inside the earth, in the form of gas, magma, and steam. This escalating energy that now called the volcano activity.

Like we said in Geographical condition of java, Java island is almost entirely of volcanic origin; it contains 33 active volcanoes. There are several active volcanoes in java island. Each of them keeps both sad and amazing story at once.


Mount of Merapi

merapi volcanoMerapi volcano which lies in the high of 2968 meters above sea level, is the highest mountain in central java, and including the most active java indonesia volcano in Indonesia. Merapi erupted several times, one of them in 1930 where it destroyed 13 villages and killed 1400 people. Its eruption in 1006, also destroyed ancient Mataram (Javanese ancient kingdom) and buried java island with its ash.

On its eruption in 2010, had caused victims of life and properties, including its keeper, Mbah Maridjan. For details, there were more than 240 people died because of the eruption, and most of them are coming from district of Sleman, and Yogyakarta.

The spread of mount Merapi volcano covers four districts. In the south included in Sleman district, Yogyakarta, and the rest is included in Central java province (Magelang district in the west side, Boyolali district in north and east side, and Klaten district in the south east side.) the forest around the top of the mountain has become Merapi National Park since 2004.

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Mount of Merapi which located between central java province and Yogyakarta nowadays tranquil and has such breathtaking scenery. When the weather is bright in Yogyakarta, from the point of royal kingdom, till Malioboro, visitors can see the beauty of the mountain from distance.


Mount of Papandayan

mount of papandayanMount of Papandayan is the most south side of mountains that spread from south of Bandung city, west of Java. This mountain is so popular and famous for its beauty and uniqueness.

Papandayan is one of 18 active volcanoes type A in Indonesia that needs special monitoring. In April 2008, the status of Papandayan had been increased into Cautious due to the escalating activity. The history of Papandayan eruption has been recorded at least four times of eruptions since 1600, that is in 1772, 1923-1925,1942, and in 2002.

For visitor that willing to climb the mount of Papandyan, there are several tracks that can be used. That is track from Pengalengan and Cisurupan, in the district of Garut.

If we want to climb faster, it can be done from Cisurupan, because the asphalt condition is quite good, from lower up to the top. Land transportation can also be use to fasten the climbing, but it will stop at Salada town square. From this point, we obliged to rent a guide for our next trip. Especially for those who never visit Papandayan before.

This place is largely visited by tourist, because the tourists can climb and go back only in a day. If you depart early in the morning from Bandung, you can climb its top at noon, and after enjoying the wonderful view, you can back on the afternoon.


Mount of Slamet

mount of slametMount of Slamet, with height 3432 meters above sea level is the second highest mountain in east java after mount of Semeru. It shaped like a cone and has a wide and active caldera. The biggest eruption was in july 1988, which caused flames and lava in 300 high.

Mount of Slamet lies in the border of Purbalingga district, Banjarnegara, Banyumas and Brebes. To reach top of mount Slamet, we can use several routes : from north side via Gambuhan-Jurangmangu, from south via Baturaden-Mount Mlang, and from east via Bobotsari-Bambangan.

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The most recommended and safe route is from Bambangan and Jurangmangu. While visitor recommended to avoid route via Baturaden since so many wild grasses and the fields are steep and dangerous.


Mount of Bromo

Mount bromo is one of the most active java indonesia volcano, also in Indonesia. It lies in the east java province. Mount Bromo lies in the height of 2392 meters above sea level, and lies in four different regions, which are Probolinggo, Pasuruan, Lumajang and Malang district, in East Java province.

The exotics and the wonderful natural scenery attract many visitors. One of them is the vast sea sand. The sea sand approximately 10.000 sqm that makes the scenery is very worth seeing. Many domestics and foreign tourists come to visit Bromo for this reason.

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Visitors can also visit Bromo early in the morning to enjoy the sunrise. To make it, you have to climb Pananjakan mount, which is the highest mount in his area.


Mount of Semeru

mount semeruMount Semeru with heights 3676 meters above sea level is the highest mountain in java island, with its top called Mahameru. Mount Semeru is one of active volcanoes in east java, which lies between Malang and Lumajang district.

Many interesting places in Semeru, such as Ranu pane, Oro-oro ombo, Kalimati, and Mahameru top. There’s one beautiful place called Ranu kumbolo that used for camping area.

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Here’s you can see the of the location of all volcanoes above:

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