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Geographical Maps of Central Java and Yogyakarta

central java indonesia geographical maps

Central java geographical maps consists of lowlands and highlands. Heading to the south, lands of mountains varied by lowlands, with mountains lay out from southwest connected with mountains in West java and East java.

The highest mountain is Slamet mountain with heights 3428 m, while Wonosobo is the highest city with height 756 m above sea level. Central Java Indonesia lays between 108 °30’ EL-111°30’ EL,and 6°30’ SL- 8° 30’SL. This province lays in the central of java island.

On the west side, to border with West java province, from north begins from Java sea in the estuary of Gilesari, till the bay of Menanjung in the west of Nusakambangan island.

karimunjawa islands at central java indonesiaIn the east, to border with East java, begins from java sea to the south across the district of Rembang and Blora, following the Surakarta residency to Indian ocean. In the north, to border with java sea and in the south with Indian ocean and Yogyakarta.

The Karimunjawa islands is a group of islands located in the north side of Central java Indonesia and included in Jepara district. While Nusakambangan island with broad 12.400 hectares, is the second island in Java island, after Madura island in east java. Borders in the east and west side, normaly marked with the flowing river that across two provinces of east java or west java, so its easy to know the area.

The broad of Central java province is 3,253.339 Ha or approximately 25.04 % of java island’s broad. The broad of Central java consists of 1 million ha (30,80%) of rice field, and 2,25 million ha (69,20%) of non-rice field.

The dominant central java citizens is Java tribe. Central java Indonesia is known as the centre of Javanese culture, because in central java lays Surakarta city which is the Javanese kingdom that still exist up till now. The language used is Indonesian language. But daily language uses Javanese. Solo-yogya Javanese dialects presumed to be the standard of Javanese language.

Yogyakarta city is the capital city of Yogyakarta province, and becomes the only 2nd grade region that has status as City beside the four other 2nd grade regions, which have status as district. Yogyakarta city located in the middle of Yogyakarta province, with borders as follows: North side: Sleman district; East side: Bantul and Sleman district; South side: Bantul district; West side: Bantul and sleman district.

Yogyakarta city lays between 110° 24’ 19” – 110°28’ 53” EL and 07°15’ 24” -07° 49’ 26” SL, and with height approximately 114 m above sea level. Mainly Yogyakarta city is a lowland area which from west to east side is relatively flat, and from north to south has obliqueness approximately 1 degree, and it has 3 (three) rivers across the Yogyakarta city. East side: Gajah wong river; Middle side: Code river; West side: Winongo river.

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Yogyakarta city has the smallest area compared to other 2nd grade regions, which only 32.5 sqm, that means 1.025% of the whole Yogyakarta province. With the broad 3250 Ha, the area is divided into 14 sub-districts, and occupied by 489.000 people (per December 1999 data), with density rate approximately 15.000 people/sqm.

Special region of Yogyakarta once became the centre of kingdom, either its Mataram kingdom (Islam), Yogyakarta sultanate, or kadipaten pakualaman. The title for special region of Yogyakarta as a city of tourism describes the province’s potency in the frame of tourism. The predicate as city of students related with the history and the city’s role towards world of education in Indonesia.

Beside, exist more than 50,000 handicraft industry and others methods which are so conducive, such as numerous of accommodation and transportation facilities, various culinary services, travel agents and sufficient guide tour.

This potency still added more with the location which is bordered with central java, so it adds more object diversity. Another adding tourism value is related to the objects specifications with stable character and unique like palaces, Prambanan temple, and kotagede, centre of silver handicrafts.

This object specification is supported by the combinations of physics and non physics objects in a harmonious unity. All these factors strengthen the competition value of special region of Yogyakarta as a main destination not only for domestic, but also for foreign tourists.

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