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Special District of Yogyakarta

Special district of Yogyakarta is the second smallest province after capital Special region of Jakarta, and located in the middle of Java Island, surrounded by Central Java province, and included in the middle of south zone of Javanese geological formation. in the south side,...
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East Java Province, The Natural, Cultural, and Historical Theme

East Java Indonesia lays between 111,0° EL – 114,4° EL and 7,12° SL and 8,48° SL, with broad 47,157.72 sqm. Generally, East Java province can be divided into two main parts, that is land of east java with wider proportion almost 90% of the...
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Jakarta, The Special Capital District

Jakarta Indonesia is an abbreviation of Jayakarta, a name given by Fatahillah (local figure that expelled Portuguese from Sunda kelapa trading port). It was a small village from Hindu kingdom, led by the king Purnawarman. It became the part of Pajajaran kingdom in west...
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Banten, The New Province in Java Island

Banten is a province in Java island, Indonesia. It used to be a part of west java province, but then separated since 2000, based on constitution no 23, year 2000. This province has 8 (eight) districts/city: district of Serang, Lebak, Pandeglang, Tangerang, Tangerang city,...
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Central Java, Passion Strength Heritage

The uniqueness of Central Java Indonesia lies in the cultures, noble tradition, and aesthetic that still maintained, along with friendliness, a strong entrepreneurial and openness to innovation. History shows the closeness of the relationship between the Javanese peoples with nature, mountains, canyons, and beaches...
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Province of West Java, The Sundanese Homeland

West Java Indonesia, geographically located at 5°50 ‘- 7°50’ latitude and 104°48 ‘- 108°48’ longitude, boundaries with Java Sea and Capital District of Jakarta at north; Central Java Province at east; Indian Ocean at south; and the province of Banten at west. The total...
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Provinces and Big Cities in Java

Java Island has a population of 136 million people (1995), with a density of 1029 people/km², the island became one of most crowded population in the world. The three western part of the island (West Java, Banten, and Jakarta) has a density more than...
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