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Volcanoes in Java Indonesia

Indonesia, especially in java and Sumatra, the forming process of volcano is a result of crust crash of Indian Ocean and crust of Asia continent. The java indonesia volcano or in the south part of Indonesia formed as an encounter or crash of Australian...
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Geographical Maps of Central Java and Yogyakarta

Central java geographical maps consists of lowlands and highlands. Heading to the south, lands of mountains varied by lowlands, with mountains lay out from southwest connected with mountains in West java and East java. The highest mountain is Slamet mountain with heights 3428 m,...
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Geographical Maps of East Java

East Java Indonesia has about 229 islands with a total land area of 47,130.15 km2 and the sea area of 110,764.28 km2. If you check the East Java Indonesia map, This region located between 111°0 ‘ – 114 °4’ east longitude and 7 °12...
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Eartquake in Java, year 1836-2011

As part of “Ring of Fire”, of course, there was often earthquake in Java. Earthquake in Java, mostly are caused by tectonic plate activity. Most of the quake was centered in the southern part of Java, at Indian Ocean. Almost all of this quake...
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Geographical Maps of West Java and Banten

Like we said on Geographical Maps of Java Indonesia, The strategic geographical maps of West Java Indonesia including Banten province and special district Jakarta has many advantages, especially from transportation and communication point of view. The north part of West Java is flat land...
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Geographical Maps of Java Indonesia

If you read the map of Indonesia, Java island located between Bali island to the east and Sumatra Island to the west, between Christmas Island to the south and Borneo to the north. Java Indonesia map is surrounded by Sunda Strait at west, Java...
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