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Surabaya, The Capital City of East Java

Surabaya city is a capital city of east java province. Surabaya Indonesia is the second largest city in Indonesia after Jakarta. Geographically, it located between 07’ 21’ SL and 112’ 36’’ -112’ 54’’ EL, with total citozens approximately 3 millions people. Surabaya area in...
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Solo, The Spirit of Java

Surakarta, also known as Solo city, is a lowland lies between the dip of Mount Lawu and mount Merapi in central java, with height 92m above sea level. With broad approximately 44 sqm, Solo Indonesia located between 110 45’ 15’’ -110 45’ 35 EL,...
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Serang, The Capital City of Banten

Serang Indonesia is a new area, as a result of developing of serang district, in Banten Java Indonesia. As a capital city of Banten province, its existence is a logic consequence from Banten province. It consists of five sub districts: Serang, Kasemen, Walantaka, Curug,...
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Yogyakarta, The Never Ending Asia

Yogyakarta Indonesia is a city which rich of predicates, either from history or from the exist potencies, such as city of struggle, city of culture, city of students and tourism city. Yogyakarta then grown up to be a rich of culture and Javanese art...
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Semarang, The “Old City” of Central Java

Semarang is the only city in central java province that can be categorized as a metropolitan city. As a capital, semarang java indonesia has become a parameter of another areas’s progress in central java. the progress of semarang can not be separated from other...
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Bandung, The Capital of West Java Indonesia

Bandung city located in west java area, and become the capital city of west java province. The location of Bandung west java Indonesia is quite strategic, seen from communication, economic and safety side. This thing caused by its location in the meeting of axis...
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Jakarta, The Special Capital District

Jakarta Indonesia is an abbreviation of Jayakarta, a name given by Fatahillah (local figure that expelled Portuguese from Sunda kelapa trading port). It was a small village from Hindu kingdom, led by the king Purnawarman. It became the part of Pajajaran kingdom in west...
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