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Surabaya, The Capital City of East Java

surabaya indonesia

Surabaya city is a capital city of east java province. Surabaya Indonesia is the second largest city in Indonesia after Jakarta. Geographically, it located between 07’ 21’ SL and 112’ 36’’ -112’ 54’’ EL, with total citozens approximately 3 millions people. Surabaya area in the east and north side, borders with Madura strait, in the west side borders with Gresik district, and in the south side borders with Sidoarjo district. The broad of Surabaya city is 274.06 sqm and consists of 31 subdistrict, and 163 villages.

As a metropolitan city, Surabaya has become a centre of economic activity in the east java area and its surroundings. Most of its people work in service, industry, and trading sectors so farming land is rarely to be found. Many big companies own central office at Surabaya. Some big industry in Surabaya are PT Sampoerna TBK, Maspion, Wing’s Group, Unilever, and PT PAL. Surabaya Indonesia has several industry areas as well, such as Surabaya Industrial Estate Rungkut (SIER), and Margomulyo. The manufacture and trading industry cover hotels and restaurant, is a contributor for Surabaya’s main economic activity.

surabaya hotelThis city also has many historical tourism destinations such as, old buildings from Dutch and Japan colonial remains, which one of them is the Oranje hotel or Yamato Hotel. In this hotel, is memorized to be the heroic act of Surabayan youth, Hariyono and Kusno wibowo, that teared up the color of blue in the Dutch flag, so it remain only white and red colors, as the Indonesian national flag, and waved it back at the top of the hotel.

Beside rich of historical tourism, Surabaya also has many shopping attractions. As a city of trading, it has so many malls and shopping centre. There are also hundreds of Surabaya hotel that always ready to serve anyone who want to visit. Java Paragon Hotel, Prime Royal Hotel, Somerset Surabaya Hotel, Garden Palace Hotel, and Meritus Surabaya are the famous some. Click here to find or books other Surabaya hotel.

For traditional art in Surabaya, it is grown and still trying to survive. The traditional art shape of Surabaya Indonesia is vary. It has art of dance, music, and theatre, such as ludruk (east java traditional theatre with music, singing and humor), Gending Jula Juli, Remo dance, Kentrung, Okol, Ujung art, Loro pangkon ceremony, Lenggang suroboyo dance, and Hadrah dance.

In tourism sector, beside historical and shopping attractions, it also has natural tourism destinations, such as Kenjeran beach. Kenjeran beach has many beauties—calm waves, shallow, and windy—that make this beach visited by many tourists. This beach located in the east side of Surabaya, extend from north to south side for about 10 km.

Kenjeran beach, surabaya tourismFor cultural tourism, Surabaya Indonesia has old china town as one of its destinations. It is understandable since Surabaya is one of the oldest cities in Indonesia. Many historical buildings exist, from Dutch remains or from Chinese society at that time. These buildings then called china town of Surabaya, which is still inhabited by the Chinese descendants up till now.

Those two types of buildings can be found in the area of Rajawali, Veteran, till Kembang Jepun streets. Nowadays, many people start to care of the Surabaya heritage, by holding Surabaya Heritage Tourism.


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