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The History Connection Between Java and Bali Indonesia

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There’s so many connections between Java Indonesia and Bali Indonesia. The history of these two areas is almost same and always connected each other. In classical culture era, letters was an important aspect in communication. Beside as a tool to communicate verbally, letters functionally also as a media to convey and to record many important information, such as king bloodline which rule in certain decades, important happenings, and information of the making of a site. Either it’s a religious site, or important figure’s grave at that time.

Beside above examples, letters also become an important element in ancient literature. Historically, letters which used in the area of south and south East Asia came from Brahmi letter. This ancient letter developed into Palawa letters that is developed in south India and into Pranagari and Dewanagari letter which developed in north India.

Kawadrat Kediri at ancient balinese kingdom area in Goa GajahPalawa letter then became the mother of many letters that widely used in Indonesia, including in it, Kawi letter that then developed into Kwadrat Kediri letters, which found in ancient site of Bentar temple, Goa Gajah, and Gunung Kawi temple in Bali Indonesia.

The discovering of historic inscription with Kwadrat Kediri letters in Bali ancient sites, actually indicate the closeness between Balinese kingdoms with Javanese kingdoms. The assumption arose because the type of Kawadrat Kediri letter was used only in the time of Kediri and Singasari kingdom in 11 M century. While the research stated that those two ancient sites, Goa gajah and Mount kawi were built in the same century.

goa gajah, bali indonesiaAbove assumption also strengthen information which stated that Bali kingdom has a kinship connection with Kahuripan kingdom in east Java Indonesia. This kinship is seen from the line descendant of Airlangga, the king of Karuripan that was a son of King Udayana, from Bedahulu kingdom in Bali, and queen Mahendradatta from Medang kingdom in east Java. From his father, Airlangga had two brothers, Marakata and Anak Wungsu. After Udayana king passed away, Bedahulu kingdom led by Marakata and continued by Anak Wungsu. In the time of these kings, the two ancient sites in mount Kawi and Goa gajah are built. So, it’s reasonable if the Kwadrat Kediri letters which developed in Java island also found in historical sites in Bali Indonesia.

From above information, can be concluded that the connection between Java-Bali has been exist since ancient time. The proofs that are found are strongly supported, either from bloodline, or from the usage of the same letter.

Bali today cannot be separated from Java history in ancient time. Balinese today also has connection with Javanese in ancient time. Many historical facts verbally and writtenly which show how tight the connections between Java and Bali. All of it leads to the belief that Balinese and Javanese have a strong historical brotherhood bonding.

The connection between Java and Bali Indonesia can also be seen from the aspect of culture and art, for instance, in the use of gamelan (Javanese traditional orchestra). Traditional dances in java and Bali are using gamelan as the main music source, though each of culture, has a distinct rhythm. Javanese dances tend to be soft and slow, while Bali dances tend to be active and ‘crowd’. Wayang (puppets show) also a famous traditional art in Java and Bali, though the shape of puppets between Javanese puppets and Balinese puppets character is different, but the most of basic concept and the stories are same.

javanese and balinese gamelan

javanese and balinese wayang

In the language side, Java and Bali also marked to be connected. Both have a kind of almost the same character, for example, in feudalism. Both have staged cultures in interaction, including in language. In Java Indonesia, especially in east Java in its southwest side, and central Java and Yogyakarta, the society knows the stage in language. This thing also exists in Bali Indonesia. To speak to older people, a person has to use a softer language compared to if he/she speak to people at his/her age. Except for stage thing, Java and Bali language also have the same vocabularies. But sometimes, the meaning can be reversely. In Java, a word can be included in the soft category, while in Bali it can be included to be the rude one.


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