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Special District of Yogyakarta

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Special district of Yogyakarta is the second smallest province after capital Special region of Jakarta, and located in the middle of Java Island, surrounded by Central Java province, and included in the middle of south zone of Javanese geological formation. in the south side, exist 110 km sea shore borders with Indian ocean, in the north lays the most active volcano in the world, mount of merapi (2968 m). Total broad of special district of Yogyakarta Indonesia is 3,185.8 km and less than 0.5% of indonesia’s land. In the west, there is progo river which starts from central java, and Opak river in the east, which sourced from top of Merapi and ends in the java sea in its south side.

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The capital of special district of Yogyakarta is Yogyakarta city. While others cities exist in special district of Yogyakarta are the district of Bantul, Sleman, Wates, and Wonosari. Administratively, special district of Yogyakarta divided into one city, 4 sub districts, which it forms a separate administration unity.

Special district of Yogyakarta has some supporting economic sectors, which produced by the districts below its administrative territory.


hotel yogyakartaFurniture has experienced a rapid development and it can be compared with wood industry. Furniture which produced, are in various shape and models, either its repro or new designs, which various function and usage. The furniture industry has reached export market since years ago and has been doing by people in Kasongan, and Imogiri, Bantul.



special region of yogyakartaThe effort to develop the variations of potteries has been enjoyed by all segments, specially the wealthy class. The developed products that produced not only functional but also varying. These potteries products are mainly produced by crafter in Kasongan, Bantul. Though it experienced such a bad vast damage due to Merapi volcano eruption few years ago, pottery industry in Kasongan has been recovered and back reach the export market.

Woven products

yogyakarta industryWoven , in this case is natural fiber one-which has a rapid growing, has attracted many people, domestically and abroad. Various natural fibers like mendong (grass species live in watery area), gebang (palm species, many found in lowlands), and banana midrib, are such interesting material to be made as crafts. These crafts can be made into bags, table cover, eating accessories, javanese food box and others functional stuffs. The entrepreneur and the craftsman which produce these, commonly come from Kulon Progo, but some also come from district of Sleman and Yogyakarta city.


yogyakarta indonesiaSilver crafts in Yogyakarta Indonesia only be found in Kotagede, included district of bantul. The fame of kotagede has been widely known and it’s reasonable if it becomes one of tourism objects and destinations for domestic yet foreign tourists.

Special district of Yogyakarta also has many interesting tourism objects. From natural tourism, historical, and cultural.

For natural tourism, special district of Yogyakarta has several famous beaches, such as Baron, Kukup and Parangtritis beach, in the district of Bantul. For Parangtritis beach, beside known for its wonderful scenery, this beach also known as a place to do Larung laut ceremony (a ceremony done by floating various traditional ritual serving including buffalo’s head). This ceremony attracts so many visitors domestic, or foreign, and it becomes one of tradition that specially waited by Javanese society. Parangtritis beach is believed to be the meeting point of Sultan of Yogyakarta (king of Yogyakarta) with Nyi Roro Kidul ( a mythical woman figure, trusted to be the south sea leader). Click here to find some best hotel Yogyakarta.

Beside tourism attractions, Yogyakarta Indonesia has cultural tourism, such as batik fabric. Batik art is a kind of painted fabric that originally comes from Indonesia. Yogyakarta is the batik centre in Indonesia, beside Solo, in central java province. Some batik motifs are Perang, Geometri, Banji, Spreading plants, Water plants, Flowers, Animals, and other natural life motifs. Batik industry can be found in he area of Yogyakarta city, Kulon Progo and Gunungkidul.

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