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East Java Province, The Natural, Cultural, and Historical Theme

East Java Indonesia lays between 111,0° EL – 114,4° EL and 7,12° SL and 8,48° SL, with broad 47,157.72 sqm. Generally, East Java province can be divided into two main parts, that is land of east java with wider proportion almost 90% of the whole east java province, and Madura archipelago which is only 10%. East java has 229 islands consists of 162 named-islands, and 67 unnamed islands, with length of sea shore approximately 2,833.85 km.

Surabaya city is the capital of East Java province. Click here to find some best hotel in Surabaya. The borders of east java is, java sea and Kalimantan island in the north side, Indian ocean in the south side, central java province in the west side, and Bali straits in the east side.

East java province has several main commodities. The farming sectors through the java food plants and plantation subsectors, and sub sectors of fishery, also play an important economic role in this province.


east java province

The commodities produced such as rice, coconuts, sugarcane, cashew nut, coffee, tobacco, cloves, rubber and cacao. For the fishery subsector, consist of sea fishery, general watery and growing fishery. The export volume of this province along the year of 2005 reached 6, 95 million tons with valued USD 7, 43.

In this global era, tourism is a promising sector if it well developed and managed. Moreover, east java province has various tourism destinations, from natural, cultural and historical theme. The natural east java indonesia tourism, such as Sarangan lake, Tretes, Purwo and Baturetno forest IN Malang, Pasir putih beach in Situbondo, Popoh beach, Pacitan beach, Ngliyep beach, and maritime tourism in some of east java’s regions.

The cultural East Java tourism are Panataran temple, Jawi temple, Jago and Singosari temple, ox race in Madura, labuhan (traditional ceremony done by sailing various traditional ritual things to the sea) ceremony in the South beach, reog of Ponorogo, and ludruk (traditional theatre with dancing, singing and humors).

The historical east java tourism such as the grave of the Islamic holy men, Trowulan which is an ancient artifacts of Majapahit kingdom and Empu Tantular museum.

east java tourismBesides, the large amount of citizens and the education level that is quite good become a potential man source to be developed and to be increased the productivity through various programs of trainings, which adjusted to the needs. The man source problem in its relation to the region’s autonomy is very important because the creative man source which has a high work of ethics could produce additional value for a region.

Contradictory, if a region is said to be rich of natural resources but has a low man source, the society in the region cannot be said to be prosperous. The unity of man’s creativity and natural resources will form human’s prosperity.

In the side of religious, the life of religious in East Java Indonesia is according to people’s expectations. It marked with the bright of religious life and harmony which are tolerant in doing each other’s beliefs. The development of praying places is hoped can be forted all society’s layers from globalizations era.

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