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Banten, The New Province in Java Island

banten indonesia

Banten is a province in Java island, Indonesia. It used to be a part of west java province, but then separated since 2000, based on constitution no 23, year 2000.

This province has 8 (eight) districts/city: district of Serang, Lebak, Pandeglang, Tangerang, Tangerang city, Serang city, Cilegon city, and South Tangerang city. Serang city is the capital of Banten Indonesia. Serang Banten location is just north of the province. Click here to find hotels at Tangerang, or Click here to find hotels around Banten province.

Area of Banten lays on 5º 7’ 50” – 7º 1’ 11” SL dan 105º 1’ 11” – 106º 7’ 12” EL, and based on constitution no 23 year 2000, the broad of it is 8,651.20 sqm. Territorially, Banten province consists of 2 cities, 4 districts, 140 sub-districts, and 1242 villages.

map of banten java indonesia

The Banten province borders with Java Sea in the north, with Jakarta and west java province in the east, with Indian ocean in the south, and with Sunda strait in west side.

Banten’s sea area is one of potential sea routes. Sunda strait is one of routes that connect Australia, new Zealand, with south east Asia region like Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

Beside, Banten Indonesia also a cross/connecting route for two major islands in Indonesia, Java and Sumatera. If we relate with geographical position and the governmental, Banten area especially Banten city is a supporting area for the nation’s capital, Jakarta. Economically, Banten area has lots of industry. It also has several sea ports that developed as anticipation to accommodate the surplus capacity from Jakarta’s sea ports, and it is a big probable to be an alternative port from Singapore.

Economic structure of Banten Indonesia in the year of 2010 dominated by manufacturing industry (44.27%), trading (21.33%), transport and communication (10.12%). In the farming sector, the biggest contribution comes from the farming of cassava, and followed by sweet potato and corn.

serang bantenThe main commodity of Banten Indonesia is the farming and service sectors. The main commodity of farming sector is the sub sector of agricultural with coconut as the top ranked commodity, the fishery sub sectors has a fish-growing and fishery as the main commodity, and from the tourism sectors, it has nature, traditional and cultural tourism as its main product.

As a supporting of economic activities, Banten Indonesia province has three airports: Curug/Budiarto airport, Pondok Cabe airport, and Soekarno-Hatta airport. This province also has two types of streets, nation streets, and province streets. The length of nation streets is 490.40 km, while the length of province streets is 889.01 km. For the sea transportation, it has 8 (eight) ports, Merak port, Special port of PT Buyer Urethangs Ind, Banten port, Bojonegoro port, Karangantu port, Special port of GT Petrochem Industries TBK, Labuhan port, and port of PT tower Indonesia, Suralaya sector.

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