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Geographical Maps of West Java and Banten

Like we said on Geographical Maps of Java Indonesia, The strategic geographical maps of West Java Indonesia including Banten province and special district Jakarta has many advantages, especially...
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Geographical Maps of Java Indonesia

If you read the map of Indonesia, Java island located between Bali island to the east and Sumatra Island to the west, between Christmas Island to the south...
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Population, Religion, and Ethnicity in Java Island

Java Indonesia is the most populous island in the world. Like we said before on Overview of Java Indonesia, More Than 136 million peoples live at Java, with...
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Java Indonesia History: The 20th Century

History of Java Indonesia in the early 20th century are colored by the struggle to liberate themselves from Dutch colonialism. To see the history of Java at Prehistory...
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Java Indonesia History: Prehistory and Early Kingdoms

Prehistory of Java Indonesia begun since about a million years ago. Evidence by the finding of Megantrophus Paleojavanicus (big man from Ancient Java) at Sangiran in 1941 by...
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