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Java Indonesia Traditional Dance

Indonesia is a country rich of arts, from art of painting, art of dancing, art of carving, etc. Every island in Indonesia has its own special Indonesian dance,...
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Yogyakarta, The Never Ending Asia

Yogyakarta Indonesia is a city which rich of predicates, either from history or from the exist potencies, such as city of struggle, city of culture, city of students...
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Gamelan, The Javanese Music Instruments

One of art of music originated from Java Indonesia culture is gamelan. Gamelan instruments is a music ensemble (a group of people which plays music instrument or sings)...
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Semarang, The “Old City” of Central Java

Semarang is the only city in central java province that can be categorized as a metropolitan city. As a capital, semarang java indonesia has become a parameter of...
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Bandung, The Capital of West Java Indonesia

Bandung city located in west java area, and become the capital city of west java province. The location of Bandung west java Indonesia is quite strategic, seen from...
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Batik Fabric, Art That Can Be Wore

Batik fabric is an Indonesian traditional cloth with special motifs and has become a part of java indonesia culture. Batik art is a high-valued craft, and the word...
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Special District of Yogyakarta

Special district of Yogyakarta is the second smallest province after capital Special region of Jakarta, and located in the middle of Java Island, surrounded by Central Java province,...
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