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Population, Religion, and Ethnicity in Java Island

Population of Java Indonesia

Java Indonesia is the most populous island in the world. Like we said before on Overview of Java Indonesia, More Than 136 million peoples live at Java, with population densities ranging from 1,029 persons per sq. km. It is mean approximately 60% of Indonesian peoples live in this island.

The majority ethnic population of Java Indonesia is Javanese and Sundanese. In general, the Javanese inhabiting the center part of Java while the Sundanese in the the western area. Another major javanese ethnicity that exist on the island, namely Blambangan (Madurese) That live at eastern island. Although, now the island of Java has been lived with various ethnic groups from all over the world.

Javanese Ethnicity

The Javanese culture is the island’s most dominant. Its arts and language are regarded as the island’s most exemplary. In the Southwestern part of Central Java, the which named Banyumasan region, a cultural mingling occurred; together Javanese and Sundanese culture to create the Banyumasan culture. In the central Javanese court cities of Yogyakarta and Surakarta, kings trace the lineages, making these places repositories the classical Javanese culture. Classic arts of Java include gamelan orchestra and javanese puppet (wayang).

In big cities like Jakarta and Surabaya, you will find many ethnic groups like the Batak, Bali, and even of Papua (eastern island in Indonesia). Ethnic foreign are most commonly found in Java are Chinese. Chinese people can easily found in business centers on the island. Although the Chinese people can not work in government institutions, but the people of China controlled most of the business and trade in Java.

More than 85% Java Indonesia religion are Muslims. There is also a large Hindu population along the eastern area nearest Bali, especially at Banyuwangi. Also in Bromo mountain area (East Java) there are tribes who are Hindus, namely “Tengger” or Tenggerese. Mostly Christian in the big cities, though strong Roman Catholic exist at rural areas on south-central Java. Also Buddhist exist at bigger cities, primarily Among Chinese.

Java Indonesia religionReligion in Java itself is actually quite complex as Java Indonesia history itself. In 1956, the Yogyakarta ‘s Department of Religious Affairs reported 63 religious sects in Java other than the official religions of Indonesia. Of those 63 religious, 35 in Central Java, 22 at West Java and 6 on East Java. Kejawen, Subud, Sumarah, etc included in these religious sects. The number of religious sects is quite a bit and spread in some quite remote areas.

Even the major languages on Java are Javanese, Sundanese, and Madurese; but all of them also speaks Bahasa Indonesia as formal languages. Only Few of Javanese can speak English fluently, although English has begun to be taught since junior high schools.

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