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Climate, Weather, and Temperature of Java Indonesia

Like other areas in tropical island, Java Indonesia climate has two seasons: wet season (during October-April) and dry season (during May-September). The dry season is the best time if you want to visit this island. The wettest months are between January-February. West of Java...
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Provinces and Big Cities in Java

Java Island has a population of 136 million people (1995), with a density of 1029 people/km², the island became one of most crowded population in the world. The three western part of the island (West Java, Banten, and Jakarta) has a density more than...
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Arts and Culture of Java

Characteristics of Javanese culture is very complex. The island has a wide range of cultures, from the primitive, traditional, to modern. Like we said at overview of Java Indonesia, The majority ethnic population of Java island is Javanese and Sundanese. In general, the Javanese...
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Some Disambiguation Terms of “Java”

The term “Java” is often used in multiple terms. Several terms which are related to the island of Java Indonesia, but some are not. Below are some names that use the word “Java” in it: Opera van Java Opera Van Java (OVJ) is a...
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An Overview of Java Indonesia

Who has not heard about Java Indonesia? It is the name of one island in Indonesia. Geographically, Java island located at the southern of Indonesia. At Coordinates 7 ° 30’10 “S 111 ° 15’47” E. To the west is bordered by Sumatran island, and...
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Population, Religion, and Ethnicity in Java Island

Java Indonesia is the most populous island in the world. Like we said before on Overview of Java Indonesia, More Than 136 million peoples live at Java, with population densities ranging from 1,029 persons per sq. km. It is mean approximately 60% of Indonesian...
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Java Indonesia History: The 20th Century

History of Java Indonesia in the early 20th century are colored by the struggle to liberate themselves from Dutch colonialism. To see the history of Java at Prehistory and Early Kingdoms era, you can check previous article. On May 20, 1908 in Batavia, found...
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