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Yogyakarta, The Never Ending Asia

yogyakarta indonesia

Yogyakarta Indonesia is a city which rich of predicates, either from history or from the exist potencies, such as city of struggle, city of culture, city of students and tourism city. Yogyakarta then grown up to be a rich of culture and Javanese art city.

As a city full of culture, Yogyakarta has also become java Indonesia’s main tourism destination. It is only less competitive to Bali. Yogyakarta city’s tourism programs always related with the surrounding areas in central java and Yogyakarta Province, such as Borobudur and Prambanan temple. As an industry, tourism involves others economic sectors such as trading of hotels and restaurants, logistics and communication, finance, rental and services.

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There are so many Yogyakarta hotel that you can choose to stay. Some best Yogyakarta hotel namely: Grand Aston Yogyakarta, Royal Ambarrukmo Hotel Yogyakarta, Hotel Santika Premiere Jogja, and The Phoenix Hotel. Click here to find and books other Yogyakarta hotel.

One of Yogyakarta’s richness is schools. This city is known as the city of students. Thousands of students and college students come from outside city even outside java Indonesia to get education at Yogyakarta city.

Since 2001, there is a new branding proposed by Sri Sultan Hamengkubowono X (the governor of Special District of Yogyakarta) and other parties, that is the branding of Jogja, Never Ending Asia. There are three conditions which encouraged Yogyakarta city to build this brand:

First, the economic crisis happened to Indonesia few years ago has brought a serious affect towards political, economic and social conditions. This condition caused investors, traders, and tourist worry to come and visit. In this uncertain situations Yogyakarta has proved to be a peaceful region with the courage of harmony, respectful attitude and democracy. This conducive conditions has to be maintained so the positive image about Yogyakarta will be deeply rooted in the mind of investors, traders, and tourists.

java indonesiaSecond, the globalization era that reflected in the term of 4I (industry, investment, information and individualism) has stimulated the competition among nations, area, to fight over the world market. In the conditions full of such kind of circumstance, to win it, Yogyakarta needs seriously building a clear position, a different yet unique strength, and a unique brand image.

Third, Yogyakarta aware, that by building marketing places will stimulate the trading, tourism, and investment to stimulate the economic building as well. Yogyakarta Indonesia presumed that the building brand image strategy is very needed because the brand itself will be a value indicator which will be supported by all stakeholders in Yogyakarta.

The brand line, Never Ending Asia, is designed to be based on Yogyakarta’s values and has to be easy to remember, simple, but contains strength. With this brand line, hopefully Yogyakarta will inspire world society to visit Yogyakarta to get unforgettable experience which never ending, either it’s in the field of culture, or business potency.

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