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Surakarta, also known as Solo city, is a lowland lies between the dip of Mount Lawu and mount Merapi in central java, with height 92m above sea level.

With broad approximately 44 sqm, Solo Indonesia located between 110 45’ 15’’ -110 45’ 35 EL, and 70 36’’-70’ 56’’ SL. Solo city is split by three main rivers, Bengawan solo, Jenes, and Pepe river. Bengawan solo in ancient time is famous of its beautiful scenery and famous as traffic for trading.

Tourism and trading is like one piece of coin, tourism sector is meaningless if it’s not supported by trading sectors. In minimum scale, the existence of crafts sellers and local handicrafts make the tourism sector alive. Unlike the trading activity, the farming sector of Solo Indonesia doesn’t contribute so much.

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The main needs such as rice, vegetables, and protein sources have to be imported from other areas. The farming sector is hard to be developed in Surakarta Indonesia, as much as hard to develop more housing area due to the limited of lands.

radya pustaka, surakarta indonesiaSurakarta Indonesia is famous for its batik fabric (Indonesian traditional cloth), palaces, and Klewer market. For tourism, the existence of Kasunanan palace of Hadiningrat and Mnagkunegaran palace has made solo the axis of history, art, and culture which has selling point. This selling point manifested through ancient buildings, the protected kingdom’s tradition, the magnificent art works, and local norm that is inseparable from cultural and palace spiritual values. These things made solo even more attractive. One of traditions that goes through generations is the batik making.

The art and the process of batik making in solo has become the center batik in Indonesia. Batik solo final product can be seen in cloth form, or ready-to wear one. Batik solo industry not only managed in mass scale through factories and being exported abroad, but also done in local household. The outcome not only enjoyed by local or national market, but also international market.

Solo has many potential tourism objects, such as Radya pustaka museum. Radya pustaka museum was built in 28 October 1890 by Kanjeng Adipati Sosrodiningrat IV, and located in the main street of Solo city, Slamet Riyadi Street in the Sriwedari park complex. The collections of this museum come from Kasunanan palace, Kepatihan, and from purchasing done by GPH Hadiwijaya, and other contributions of many parties.

This museum has many ancients stuffs which has high values of art and culture, such as: few stone and bronze statues from Hindu and Budha time, the collection of ancient dagger and various ancient weapons, a set of gamelan instrument (Javanese traditional orchestra), leather puppet (wayang kulit) and beber puppet, collection of ceramic stuffs and others art stuffs.

Other tourism object in Solo Indonesia is Laweyan, the batik village. Batik solo is the traditional art preserved by laweyan society. That is why this village also known as the village of ‘Juragan Batik’ (batik boss). Laweyan village reached its top success in era of 1970s. Many batik showrooms exist in this village, which attract many visitors.

batik solo indonesiaLaweyan village is a sub district with broad 24,83 Ha, with approximately 2500 citizens. This is the oldest batik village in Indonesia. The existence of entrepreneurs/batik bosses in laweyan, was well-known, in the prosperity era of KH Samanhudi around 1911. laweyan also famous for the building shape and the unique environment. The houses architectures in this batik village commonly influenced by java, Europe, Chinese, and islam elements. These buildings are completed with high fence or ‘forth’ that caused narrow alleys.

Beside tourism, Surakarta Indonesia also has culture potencies, such as human puppets or wayang wong (Indonesian human theatre) , kethoprak (javanese traditional theatre), and Solo Batik Carnival.

Solo has changed so much after it led by Joko widodo, the city major for two periods. He explores solo potencies in many field, either it culture, culinary, nature, and others. Solo has become the host of many international events, such as SIEM (Solo International Ethnic Music) festival, SIPA (Solo International Performing Arts) festival, Asian Para games (south east asia spports competitions for disables), and others. These events has made solo has others selling points in attracting visitors, domestic or foreign tourists.

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