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Serang, The Capital City of Banten

serang banten indonesia

Serang Indonesia is a new area, as a result of developing of serang district, in Banten Java Indonesia. As a capital city of Banten province, its existence is a logic consequence from Banten province. It consists of five sub districts: Serang, Kasemen, Walantaka, Curug, Cipocokjaya, and Taktakan sub districts. Serang city has broad 266,77 sqm with approximately 523,384 people.

Geographically, Serang Banten located between 5°50′ – 6°21′ SL dan 105°7′ 106°22′ EL. Serang borders with Java sea in north side, with Tangerang district in east side, with Pandeglang and Lebak district in south side, and with Sunda Strait at west side. Generally, Serang lays in the height less than 500 above sea level and spread in all areas.

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The geographic position of Serang is a separate benefit for this area. It is the main gate or the transit of land transportation between Java Indonesia and Sumatra Island. It also be the alternative and the supporting area of Jakarta as the capital city of Indonesia, which only 70 km from Serang.

Tourism potency around Serang Indonesia is varying, from natural, historical, to cultural tourism. The famous natural tourism is Ujung Kulon National Park, with one-horn rhino as the favourite object. One-horn rhino, mostly known as Javanese rhino (Rhinoceros sondaicus) is a rare; extinct animal live only in Ujung Kulon national park. The amount of one-horn rhino in Ujung Kulon national park is 50-60 animal. The length of Javanese rhino can reach to 292 cm, with height 2,280 kgs. Javanese rhino commonly live solitarily, except in mating season, and pregnancy. Each of the male and female has their own territory. They live in rain forest in low lands and swamps, so ujung kulon national park is a perfect habitat for Javanese rhino. That’s why; one-horn rhino or Javanese rhino is the favorite icon of Banten province.

pulau dua, bantenAnother natural attraction is Pulau Dua natural reserve. Pulau Dua is a natural reserve located in Kasemen district, 3 miles in the east side of Karangantu port, with broad 30hectares. It beauty comes in every April-august where it become the destinations of thousands birds from various species from Asia, Australia, even from Africa. To reach this location, can only be done by foot from Sawah luhur area which has been facilitated with observation tower meant to ease the visitors to look and to take photos of surrounding objects.

Tourism of culture, in this case is handicrafts also becomes an interesting point promoted by Serang Banten. The traditional people of Baduy tribe (native tribe of serang, Banten Java Indonesia) have the creativity in making various unique yet interesting handicrafts. These handicrafts made from the material got from Baduy forests and made traditionally/ hand made, such as Koja bag, accessories, weaved cloths, black cloth, and unique shirts of Baduy.

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