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Semarang, The “Old City” of Central Java

Semarang is the only city in central java province that can be categorized as a metropolitan city. As a capital, semarang java indonesia has become a parameter of another areas’s progress in central java. the progress of semarang can not be separated from other areas’s support, such as as, Ungaran city, district of Demak, Salataiga city, and Kendal district. The usage of lands in semarang has changed from time to time. From farming to non farming, and it is a normal symptoms of a city development.

The administrative border in the north side, is district of Demak, with Boyolali and Magelang districts in the south, with Boyolali and Grobogan district in the east, and with Temanggung and Kendal districts in the west. Semarang city consists of 16 sub districts with total broad 373,7 sqm. The heights of semarang Indonesia is vary, between 0, 75 -348 above sea level.

The main transportation across semarang Indonesia district is the national route of Semarang-Solo which helps a lot to ease the people’s mobility. To fulfill the land transportation, there are two main land transportations, bus and train. Buses are served in Terboyo bus stations, and train served by two train stations, Tawang and Poncol.

Semarang java indonesia also has many interesting tourism destinations, such as Lawang sewu and Blenduk church.

semarang indonesiaLawang sewu is an old buildings from Dutch’s remain that built in 1904. Firstly, this building was a central office for Dutch train station or Nederlandsch Indishe Spoorweg Naatschappij (NIS). The three-storey building with art deco style (1850-1940), was a project of a Dutch famous architect Prof F Klinkhamer and BJ Queendag. Lawang sewu located in the west side of Tugu Muda Semarang, or in the corner of Pandanaran and Pemuda street. It is called lawang sewu, cause it has so many doors, (lawang  = door, sewu = thousands). In fact, the doors are not in thousands, but it has so many wide high window, so common people consider them as doors.

semarang tourismThe next object is Blenduk church. Blenduk church is a church built in 1753 that become one of landmarks in the Old City. Unlike other buildings in the Old City area that commonly fenced the road and doesn’t show the shape, this neo-classical-styled building appears contrast. It shape is protruding. The location of this church is in Jl Letjen Suparpto no 32, Old City area, Semarang, and the name is GBIB Immanuel.

The building now is a cover with single facade that vertically divided into three parts, a two-storey building. This church headed to the south, and still use for Christian pray every Sunday. Around the church also exist some of other buildings in the age of Dutch colonial. semarang java indonesia tourismOne of them is Marba building. This old building also becomes a favorite place to be used as pre-wedding photo shoot.

Another Semarang Tourism is the natural tourism object, Rawapening lake. With broad more than 2700 Ha, besides containing type B ditch product, it also used as water source for irrigation, electricity, fishery and farming. It also has beautiful scenery that potential to be developed as tourism object.


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