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Bandung, The Capital of West Java Indonesia

bandung indonesia

Bandung city located in west java area, and become the capital city of west java province. The location of Bandung west java Indonesia is quite strategic, seen from communication, economic and safety side. This thing caused by its location in the meeting of axis roads:

  • West-east, to ease the the connection with capital city, Jakarta
  • North-south, to east the traffic to agriculture area Subang-Pengalengan

Bandung Indonesia geographically located in 107° EL and 6’ 55’’ SL. Bandung broad is 167,45 sqm and divided into 26 sub districts.

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Tribe that lives in west java, especially in Bandung is the Sunda tribe. Sunda tribe is a group of ethnic which comes from the west side of java island, from Ujung Kulon in the west tip of java, till Brebes (covers the administration area of west java province, Banten, some of Jakarta and some of central java).

sundanese people traditional artThe language used by Sundanese is sunda language, which divided into several levels, so-called unda-usuk, to differ range of age, and social status. Soft Sunda language used to speak to the elderly, or to people which is highly respected. Medium Sunda language used to speak with people in the same level, whether it’s same level in age or in social status. The rough sunda is used from superior to inferior people, or to people with lower social status. Nonetheless, in Serang and Cilegon, the Banyumas language (Javanese in rough level) is used by newcomers from central java.

Like generally on java indonesia, most of Sundanese people hold Islam as their religion, but some of them hold Christian, Hindu, Budha, etc. they considered to be a religious follower since for them, obligation to pray is the main priority, such as do the fasting, praying 5x a day, and go to Meca as a pilgrim for those who are wealthy enough. They also still believe the mystical things. There are also ceremonies which related to one of phase in life, such as building a house, planting rice, and others.

The main occupation of Sundanese people is on three sectors, agriculture, which produce tea, rubber, quinine, and oil palm. From farming sectors, produces rice, and vegetables. In the fishery sector, produces shrimp, and salty fishery. Beside farming, and do the fishery sectors, some Sundanese people also work as traders, craftsman, and cattleman.

Another economic supporter is the activity of trading, hotels and restaurants that become the support of city economic structure. The trading activity contributes so much in the economic city circulation that supports by 47 traditional market and 23 stores in 16 sub districts. Besides trading, the manufacture industry becomes the second prime producing sector. The main commodity of this industry is textile and garments. It marketed not only by factory outlets that spread all over Bandung Indonesia, but it also become an export commodity, the favourite one. Other products being exported is the electronics equipments such as amplifier box, electrical transformer, and satellite TV dish that produces in narrow areas in Kebongedang.

bandung west java indonesia hotel and tourismThe location in highland, makes Bandung Indonesia has a cold climate. It makes Bandung as one of tourism destinations. The predicate as the centre of culture and tourism received by this city cause always have many visitors. Tourism objects offered by Bandung consist of shopping tourism, entertainment and cultural tourism.  Some best Bandung hotel are Grand Serela Hotel, The Amaroossa Hotel, and Grand Royal Panghegar Hotel Bandung. Click here to find more Bandung hotel.

In transportation sector, Bandung west java Indonesia has an international airport, Husein Sastranegara airport, which connect Bandung with other cities in Indonesia and also Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Bandung also has two train station: Bandung stations which serves daily with route Bandung-Jakarta, Surabaya, Yogyakarta and Semarang, for business and executive class, and Kiaracondong station for economic class.

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