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Reog Ponorogo, The Icons of East Javanese art

Reog ponorogo is one of cultures come from east java Indonesia, and Ponorogo district considered to be the originated city of reog dance. The gate of Ponorogo city...
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The History Connection Between Java and Bali Indonesia

There’s so many connections between Java Indonesia and Bali Indonesia. The history of these two areas is almost same and always connected each other. In classical culture era,...
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Wayang, The Javanese Puppet Show

Wayang, or Javanese puppet show is a result of art and culture before the coming of Hindu. The history of Javanese puppet or generally wayang Indonesia related with...
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Surabaya, The Capital City of East Java

Surabaya city is a capital city of east java province. Surabaya Indonesia is the second largest city in Indonesia after Jakarta. Geographically, it located between 07’ 21’ SL...
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Solo, The Spirit of Java

Surakarta, also known as Solo city, is a lowland lies between the dip of Mount Lawu and mount Merapi in central java, with height 92m above sea level....
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Java Indonesian Food

Indonesia, especially in Java Island has various of delicious traditional food. Each is having its own unique taste, without leaving the special taste of food in indonesia. Lengko...
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Serang, The Capital City of Banten

Serang Indonesia is a new area, as a result of developing of serang district, in Banten Java Indonesia. As a capital city of Banten province, its existence is...
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